Guest Services

Attractions Local

  • Beacon 12 Movie Theaters - 1401 S. Dixie Frwy., New Smyrna Beach, 386-428-8484
  • Fisherman's Landing Miniature Golf Course - 500 E. 3rd Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 386-426-8515
  • New Smyrna Museum of History - 120 Sams Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 32170, 386-478-0052
  • Atlantic Center for the Arts - 1414 Art Center Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 386-427-6975
  • Little Theater of New Smyrna Beach - 723 Third Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 32169, 386-423-1246
    and more!

For shopping, dining, atmosphere and much more, go to Flagler Avenue.

ATM Machine

First Union located 1 mile North on S. Atlantic Avenue.

Automobile Rental

For your convenience, Enterprise Rent-A-Car maintains a fleet of vehicles located on 1200 N. Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, 386-426-5366.

Beauty & Spa

Borden Beauty Group at 1414 S. Atlantic Avenue, New Smyrna Beach at 386-428-2292 provides a variety of services from hair styling to energy spa package. 


Backwater Marine Boat Rentals will provide all your boating and fishing needs, which is located on 248 N. Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, 386-426-7976; FCC The Manatee - Scenic Cruise - Sea Harvest Marina, New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 386-428-0201; 

Business Center

Beachside Pack & Ship, 1321 Saxon Drive, New Smyrna Beach, 386-426-5689 services include photocopying, facsimile transmission, packaging and mailing.

Bus Services

Do you need to get around town?  Call our local bus service Votran Bus System at 386-424-6800.

Cable Television

If you want paid preview channels, call our local cable television provider Bright House Networks at 386-423-1151.


Are you having computers problems? Call Computer Central located at 1712 State Road 44, New Smyrna Beach, 386-428-0377.


There are many restaurants in our area.  Our local restaurants specialize in fresh local seafood.  Please refer to the local telephone directory on the web

Disability Equipment

Call Nationwide Medical Supply at 427-6482.


For fast service for a medical doctor and no appointment needed call Quick Care at 386-426-8600 located 214 N. Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach. For dental work call Dr. Epps 386-423-3652 located 2101 S. Ridgewood Avenue, Edgewater.  Our local hospital is Bert Fish Medical Center located 401 Palmetto Street, New Smyrna Beach at 386-424-5000.


For special arrangements and delivery services, please call B J¿s Flowers and Plants at 386-428-7007.


  • Hidden Lakes at Fairgreen - 35 Fairgreen Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 386-427-4138
  • New Smyrna Beach Municipal Golf Course - 1000 Wayne Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 386-424-2192
  • Sugar Mill Country Club and Golf Course - 150 Club House Cir., New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 386-426-5210
  • Turnbull Bay Golf Course - 2401 Turnbull Bay Rd., New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 386-427-8727


There are several gyms that will accommodate daily to monthly visitors.

  • Nautilus by the Sea located at 1327 Saxon Drive, New Smyrna Beach, 386-426-0079
  • New Smyrna Beach Athletic Club, 386-423-4267 or Varsity Wellness Center at 427-4866


Sorry, we do not provide daily maid service; however, if you need a cleaning contractor to help you during your stay, please call the office at 386-428-5691.

Internet Services

If you do not have a local Internet provider, you can call Utilities Commission at 386-427-1361 and they will guide you step-by-step to connect your computer. Be certain to advise the staff of the date you intend to terminate their service.


Our local library is located on US1 Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, 386- 424-2910.  Our local library has computers for your data processing or Internet needs.

Lost & Found

Please call our office at 386-428-5691.


The outgoing mail is located on 3L lobby in the mailroom.  There is a full service post office in the Beall¿s Department Store, 717 Third Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, 386-427-1358.


If you need a repair in your condo, please fill out the maintenance request form located in the back pocket of this notebook and deliver it to the office or call the office at 386-428-5691.


The newspaper stands are located on 3L lobby area in the mailroom. If you want front door delivery, call Larry & Bea Fisher at 386-428-6571.


  • 27th Avenue Park - 3701 S Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach, 32169; 386-736-5953
  • Riverside Park, New Smyrna Beach
  • Buena Vista Park, New Smyrna Beach

Photo Processing

Any of the local grocery or pharmacy stores can provide you photo processing such as Publix, Eckerd¿s, etc., which are located on 3rd Avenue, New Smyrna Beach.


Our staff can provide you with additional nights or any future reservations. It is recommended during the peak season such as 4th of July, you should make your reservation a year in advance. Please call the office at 386-428-5691 or 1-800-421-8222 for more information.


Our professional Sales Associates will be happy to assist you in arranging purchasing a piece of real estate in our facility or in our surrounding area.  Please contact the office at 386-428-5691 or 1-800-421-8222.


Our community is gated.  You will receive an opener for the gated enclosed garage and keys to enter the building.  For your safety and protection, always keep your front door and sliding glass doors double-locked when occupying your room. Please identify any visitor before admitting them.  All condominium staff will identify themselves as such and have a staff shirt with ¿Moontide Staff¿ imprinted on it.  If you need assistance, call the office at 386-428-5691.


Flagler Avenue offers more than 50 shops within walking distance of the ocean. There are a number of traditional beach stores selling sunscreen and T-shirts, of course, however shoppers can also find many unique boutiques. New Smyrna Beach is a seaside historical town & we love our antiques.  There are numerous antique shops located on historical Canal Street, just 3 miles down town.


In need of a towing service, please call Edgewater Garage at 386-427-1703.


Do you need to get around town?  Silver Bullet Cab & Shuttle at 386-424-1444 will be happy to accommodate your request.


During your stay there are several ways to use the telephone service.  Call AMI at (800) 504-6650 and press 0 for an AMI operator.  Be sure you check the calling rates and ask for a calling plan if you are staying more than 21 days. 

You can also use you own calling card to make long distant phone calls or purchase a phone card from the local grocery or pharmacy store.

All local calling in the New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater and Oakhill area are free of charge.


There are many houses of worship in our area.  Please refer to the local telephone directory on the web

Call (800) 421-8222 to Reserve your Oceanfront Condo Now!

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